The Original No Hit Bit

The Original No Hit Bit


* 9" shank (inside rings)
* Helps with shoulder and overall body control, collection, lift, bend and flex
* Offers a smooth pull for the horse which will keep their head level instead of elevated to get away from a harsh jerk or hit in their mouth
* No curb pressure
* Stainless steel
* Headstall for Original No Hit Bit sold separately (regular headstall will not fit)

**Short shank is quicker to react versus the original model that offers more of a delay when the bit hits**

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The black rope should be snug under the jaw . Keep the bit away from the eyes and allow the bit to work on bottom of the horses mouth as well and not just as a gag. The long bars and independent slide action help stabilize the bit. The "No Hit Bit" is very balanced and forgiving to their mouth.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Rope Category No
Maker No
Customizable Saddles No
Rein Type No
Stirrup Type No
Stirrup Materials No
Size No
Color No
Lay No
Saddle Pad Type No
Mouthpiece Materials No
Shape No