Teskey's is famous for our used saddles! We buy and sell anything from barrels, cutters, ranch cutters, ropers, ranch, trainers, reiners or pleasure saddles or even your junior and youth saddles. We have no restrictions on what we will purchase from you, we buy synthetic saddles, English saddles, Australian saddles and even saddles that may have seen a little more use and need repair. We even have our own saddle shop and can do repairs for you if you'd rather stick with what you have, OR you can trade your saddle in towards a brand new one off the floor.

The saddles online the actual saddles on our showroom floor. We take pictures as we put each saddle on the floor, and take them off the internet as we sell them. Each saddle is individually numbered, and is the exact saddle you will receive when you purchase it. If you would like to custom build a new saddle similar to one here please contact our saddle shop to discuss your options. We can custom build a saddle and have it delivered to you in 6-8 weeks.

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